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Roger Ruiz Founder

Roger Ruiz

Go Renovate Founder

The founder, Roger Ruiz was born and raised in San Gabriel Valley, California. Coming from a family of military veterans, the founder understood the selfless act of courage they sacrificed.

Mr. Ruiz also carried out a family legacy and served in the United States Navy. There he served for 4 years of active duty and completed two tours to the Persian Gulf. He was honored as an aviation warfare specialist, received a medal of good conduct and completed his term of service commitment with an honorable discharge.

Shortly after, Mr. Ruiz found opportunity with a large pest company where he became qualified as a CA licensed Field Representative and performed home inspections and clearing properties for escrow. It was there where he was recruited by a general contractor who then showed him how to estimate and manage crews for home improvement projects.

Sometime after he was offered an opportunity to become a sales manager for a growing home improvement company out in the South Bay. Mr. Ruiz displayed a passion for the business infrastructure. Concurrently, he was developing his skills to lead salespeople; this helped the company grow and collect major gains of new revenue for their corporate office. After many years of his own time sacrificed for that company, he believed he hit a glass ceiling and decided to use his level of expertise and skill set for a bigger purpose.

Starting out as an entrepreneur he worked countless hours developing many procedures of the infrastructure of new business endeavor in Residential Energy Management. New and exciting opportunities were upon the horizon; he built this company with the help of business partners while creating relationships with material vendors & skilled trade specialists. The Energy Management Company was based around a government funded utility company program that provided energy efficiency solutions for residential homeowners, while helping California’s energy conservation requirements to save natural resources such as electricity, water, and gas.

After 5+ years of running a successful business, the government changed direction and the utility companies lost funding for their conservation programs and he was forced to shut down the operation. He found himself faced with frustration, adversity and humiliation. Through these times he found out how fragile business is, but at the same time how strong he had become throughout the ups and downs.

With rebuilding confidence in his own self-worth, he dug deep and took another leap of faith and invested back into his skill set and expertise. Realizing he wasn’t starting from the bottom, he was now starting from experience. Instead of stopping he decided to GO!!! Go Renovate was born and founded in 2018.

Keeping his customers best interested in mind, he has developed a passion to consult and advise his customers as he would a family or friend with an informative and simple approach that would empower them to feel comfortable with their own decisions and on their own terms with easy payment option that are made affordable.

Go Renovate, Inc. is the founders’ vision to showcase the hardworking and experienced tradespeople who truly make the process of home improvement a reality. His relationship with his affiliate companies and partners from top notch material vendors and installers is what separates his services from the rest. Go Renovate delivers quality installation with high performance products for residential & commercial renovations.